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What is the value of a healthy ecosystem? What do we lose when we favor direct, consumable natural goods over the qualities nature provides through sheer existence?

The ocean not only feeds us but stores carbon, supports a vast and interesting set of biodiversity, offers scenic views and underwater adventures, and nourishes our creativity and intellectual pursuits.

While studying economics in Tulane University, I discovered an entire field that seeks to answer these questions by evaluating all the different goods and services that nature provides us: resource economics.

As a PADI Dive master and U.S. Coordinator for Cousteau Divers, I am interested in recreational and cultural values for marine and coastal ecosystems.

I strive to make diving part of my research, and to use my research to discover new and innovative ways to protect beautiful coral reefs and other marine ecosystems in the Caribbean and along the coasts of North and South America. From the UNESCO World Heritage site in Patagonia, Argentina to the National Marine Sanctuaries in the Gulf of Mexico, these marine ecosystems are threatened by overfishing, pollution, and other human impacts.

I am now a Master’s in Environmental Science candidate at the Yale School of Forestry to further explore the field of resource economics and how it can be applied to coastal settings struggling with competing interests in conservation, tourism, and resource extraction and exploitation. I hope to find management strategies than enhance community livelihoods while conserving coastal and marine resources.

My Argentine heritage has drawn me to the far southern reaches of Patagonia – a vast and desert landscape juxtaposed against rolling, turquoise blue water teeming with marine life.

Despite all of my research, people will only ever protect what they love and understand. “Ocean Diplomat” is a space to share the adventures that accompany my research and to illustrate the marine ecosystems I care most about.

My passion for photography has also followed me underwater and across the world. Each entry is filled with photographs from my trips,  local conservation facts and details, and stories from the coast and at sea.

I hope you enjoy the combination of facts, fun, and photographs in my blogs, as I share with you beautiful dive sites found in both popular destinations and in those “roads not taken”.


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Marine Exploration through Photography, Adventure, and Economics

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